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As the originators of Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves, Hal and I spent more than 45 years developing a body of work that has excited the minds and touched the hearts of people all over the world. It has transcended national boundaries and cultural differences to allow a kind of connection between people that is entirely new. This work has shown people how to look at themselves differently and - in doing so - it bridges the distances amongst them.

Our joint journey involved going beyond the apparent duality of the world - beneath this surface - to explore this shared humanity and the spiritual realms associated with it. We found that when we dive beneath our differences - into the depths of our vulnerability and our shared humanity - we all sang the same chorus. And so it is that when we are given the chance to sing our individual melodies, our songs harmonize and, together, we add our voices and our energies to the Music of the Spheres. 

Each of us "contains multitudes". We are made up of many selves, identifying with some and rejecting others. This over-identification with some selves and the loss of wholeness that comes from the rejection of others, can create imbalances and blind spots. This work is about embracing all the selves. This dance of the selves is an amazing process and we see the dynamics of the world around us shift as our internal world changes.

I invite you to explore as we did: yourself, your relationships and how your own consciousness affects the world in which you live! Our work has been dedicated to this exploration. It has been an expression of our own personal journeys as well as our commitment to the process of our relationship. The ideas presented to you are alive. They changed as we changed and as our understanding deepened. They continued to evolve right up to Hal's passing in 2020 at the age of 92; I find they are still alive and continue to evolve.

Since I cannot travel everywhere and cannot meet everyone personally, I offer you our work on this website. I hope that you will be able to use this information to guide you on your own journey, and I send you my very best wishes...

Sidra Stone



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